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A New PPPP Jersey Celebrating Amish PIE!

I could not resist! I Designed a NEW PPPP jersey! Its quite different from the first one, so if you say "I already have one", well you don't! You can pick up your jersey at the ride! If for some reason you ordered a jersey and/or cannot make it to the ride, we can mail it to you. It's a high quality USA-made Hidden Bay jersey that comes in a mens/unisex and women's cut. It has a long invisible zipper. You can order it with short sleeves or sleeveless! We even have a Tall option!
We need at least 25 orders to place an order, so spread the word!
Email me at if you have questions.

Click on the jersey images to see a larger view!

Sizing and Ordering

Check the sizing chart to make sure you order the right size. All Jersey brands fit differently, so don't assume you will fit the same size you "usually" order.
The cost of the jersey is $70 (plus tax and shipping when needed). To determine your size, refer to this sizing chart.

Two Ways to Pay!
(If we do an order in 2024)

You can pay via Paypal or check! Before ordering via PayPal, read this: If you go below and order and pay via Paypal, it will charge you $5 for shipping. If you prefer to order via US mail, you can send me a check. Please email me at and I will give you the amount to write it for and the address to mail your check to!